Members requiring urgent legal assistance (out of normal office hours) should phone 1800 777 920. PAT staff or officials will personally answer your call and will assist you, and if necessary, can arrange the services of a lawyer.

Members (in normal circumstances) should contact the PAT prior to incurring work related legal expenses as retrospective legal assistance will only be considered where the member can demonstrate that they could not reasonably make a legal assistance application prior to incurring legal costs. If the circumstances are such that a member believes immediate legal assistance is required after business hours, then they should phone the legal advice hotline.

The PAT provides legal assistance to members in cases where the matter giving rise to the advice or representation arose out of the member’s duties as a police officer or where action is taken or proposed under the Police Service Act 2003. The legal assistance scheme is administered by the Executive of the PAT.

For further information on the PAT’s legal assistance scheme and to download a legal assistance application form please go to the Legal Assistance section of the Member Services.