Financial Members of the PAT who are also account holders with Bendigo Bank are invited to apply for a Grant under the PAT/Bendigo Bank Grant Scheme.

Application forms can be completed electronically – see below.

Applications will be considered and determined by the Executive.

The eligibility and criteria and conditions of the Scheme are:

a) An applicant must be a financial member of the PAT and hold an account with Bendigo bank under the agreement; the person applying will need to provide proof of Bank membership to the satisfaction of the PAT.
b) The member must have been a PAT financial member and a Bendigo member for a period of six months before making an application.

Criteria and conditions
a) The funding request/reason falls outside the scope of other donation/financial assistance schemes of the PAT.
b) The donation must not be used for financial gain by the member; it must be used for a specific purpose.
c) A member may only make one application per calendar year.
d) Applications may be received at any time but, unless urgent, will only be considered by the Committee in January and June. Applications will be decided within six weeks of receipt and discussed at the first available Executive meeting, i.e. February or July.
e) If applications are urgent or time critical they may be considered at the earliest opportunity outside the specified timeframe at the discretion of the Committee.
f) All applications will be considered and structured according to the funds available in the account and/or the eligibility criteria.
g) Any organisation/community group/school etc. that may benefit from an application must be ‘not for profit’.
h) Amounts will initially be capped at $1,000, although applications over $1,000, deemed as ‘special’ will be considered on their merits and may be referred to the PAT Executive for approval.
i) Applicants will need to explain the benefit a donation will provide to the member/family/organisation.
j) Applicants will need to explain what other avenues/efforts have been used to secure funding/sponsorship both monetary and in kind, if applicable.

Method of applying and notification of decision
a) Applications are to be made in writing or via email to the Vice President/General Secretary/Assistant Secretary of the PAT.
b) Applicants will be notified by email/in writing of the outcome.

View the PAT- Bendigo Bank Grant Scheme rules or apply online below.
View Scheme Rules

PAT/Bendigo Bank Grant Scheme Application Form

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