The Legacy Scheme provides a benefit to dependent children of deceased members.

(a) That all dependent children of deceased members be entitled to an annual allowance to assist in the cost of their education.

(b) The entitlement remains regardless of the marital status of the deceased’s spouse.

(c) The entitlement remains until the dependant children conclude their education up to and including the age of 18 years. Special cases extending payment may be considered by application to the Executive.

(d) That the benefit be paid irrespective of the place of residence of the dependent children by annual application. No retrospective claim exceeding one year will be considered unless special circumstances exist.

(e) The amount of the entitlement for each independent child shall be 5% of the base salary of a first year constable:

(f) The entitlement shall be paid by the Association in respect to each independent child prior to the commencement of the school year in January of each calendar year.