It is the policy of the PAT to provide assistance to members in circumstances where they are required to travel interstate or internationally for:

  • Urgent medical treatment for themselves or to accompany an immediate family member who requires urgent medical treatment;
    the purposes of visiting an immediate family member who is critically ill;
  • The purposes of caring for and/or supporting an immediate family member who requires their care and/or support and there is no other person able to provide that care and/or support; or
  • The death of an immediate family member who resides outside Tasmania

Where seeking assistance, members are to notify the President, General Secretary or Assistant Secretary as soon as possible of the circumstances of the situation requiring travel. Furthermore members are requested to make contact with the President, General Secretary or Assistant Secretary prior to seeking the assistance of any interstate jurisdiction’s welfare services.
The President, General Secretary or Assistant Secretary are authorised to approve assistance to members under the aforementioned circumstances, including, but not limited to:

  • Assistance with emergency accommodation – up to $250 per night for a maximum of 3 nights only where commercial accommodation is required. Proof of expenditure is required or accommodation bookings are to be made through the PAT office.
  • Reimbursement of costs associated with required land transport of up to $150.00. Receipts to be provided to claim OR cab vouchers may be used up to maximum amount.
  • Liaison with interstate jurisdictions and their welfare staff for provision of assistance on the members behalf
  • Any other assistance deemed appropriate under the given circumstances

The President, General Secretary or Assistant Secretary may approve a request for assistance not defined in this policy based on the nature and urgency of the circumstances of each request.
Notwithstanding this policy, members can also apply for welfare assistance in accordance with Clause 64 (Welfare Assistance Fund) of the Rules & Constitution, By Laws, Police Association of Tasmania.
For the purposes of this policy the following definitions apply:

‘Immediate Family Member’ has the same meaning as defined in clause 15.1 of the Police Award.
‘Urgent Medical Treatment’ refers to treatment that is time critical or potentially life threatening in nature. It does not include elective procedures or procedures that are non-time critical.
It does not include treatment where travel and related expenses may be claimed by other means such as but not limited to workers compensation legislation , MAIB or Department of Health & Human Services.
‘Sudden and Unexpected Death’ refers to a death that was not foreseen, expected or as a result of a diagnosed long term illness.